Got maa audition!

On Tuesday I have my audition for Dartington College of Arts (I’m applying for Theatre, as well as Theatre and Sound Practices).
It’s my uber-dream-University and I REALLY want to go there.

Anyways - I’ll be staying at my Grandparents until Monday, going for the audition on Tuesday and I probably won’t be back until Wednesday earliest.

I have no intention, whatsoever of accessing the internet in this time!

So in light of that, see you next week.

Lots of Love


The Best of Good Luck on Tuesday! :smiley:


As they say in the business, at least here in the States, ‘break a leg!’ Let us know how it goes!!



If you succed we take all the credit. If something goes awry blame Vic-k.


Good luck to ya! :slight_smile:

The winged smartarse wrote:

Oui M`sieur Sebastian! I do that all the time :laughing:

Bonne Chance,

Le D :smiling_imp:

Break a leg!

M`sieur Sebastian,

If you are gonna keep breaking a leg…better make it the same one!

Le D twisted:

[size=150]tdays the day, young un. go on and sock it to em!! :wink:

GOOD LUCK[/size]


Because I have every faith in your abilities, I`ve already bought the Champers :laughing:

Le`D :smiling_imp:

Now that the forum’s back - I can actually tell you how it went!

How do I put this: I am now making “moving out” lists and have a countdown timer on the old Dashboard.

That wasn’t too cryptic was it?
I had a lot of fun: this included meeting lots of people (including apparently, my future wife); making a collaborative painting; whispering in peoples ears; observing what happens when someone walks through my “trial of light”; having pizza; waking up insanely early ON MY OWN ACCORD WITH NO ALARM!!!; not seeing a computer screen for AGES; taking 24 shots on 35mm and 134 on digital; walking across a field and having chocolate cake on a train!

This wasn’t all the audition itself by the way - just to clear that up.

I ended up staying in halls of residence (a friend of a friend [the mutual friend being a director we’ve both worked with as performers]) goes there, so she put me up.

I love everything about it, and now can’t wait until September!

The grades they offered me were brilliant - 280 UCAS points including a B: this translates as “Do well in drama and pass the others”; i.e. they like me alot!

I think I have found my clan!

M`sieur Sebastian wrote

ce qui!! :open_mouth:

Le`D :imp:

Ah - oui!

There was someone I particuarly “clicked” with during the workshop.

Our first conversation (ever) went something like this:

Me: You were at the open day weren’t you?
Chloe: Yes I was, you’re Seb aren’t you?
Me: Yes I am. I felt we a… connection there (gestures towards workshop space)
Chloe: I think we did!.. LET’S GET MARRIED!
Me: OK!

She told me later on the train that she wasn’t even joking!
So that’s settled then!

Next time you see that train coming, make sure to get in front of it :smiley:

My wife (of 15 years) and I “dated” for all of 2 weeks before we decided to get married. I was not 18 yet. Took us a while to actually get married, but the intention was there. We had known of each other before that, but nothing more than warm civility. I just knew she was “the one”. So maybe congratulations.

Not sure she would agree, but getting married was the best bad decision I ever made.


It’s a great bad descision to make I think!

Yeah - I mean, I’m baring in mind, that I’ve met this girl twice, and didn’t even speak to her one of those times. Plus she has a boyfriend and all that jazz.

All that said, it’s not out of the question either - I mean, if she got in then and we’re in the same company, then we’re working quite intimately together for 3 years! Then again, I could say that about any of the girls I met at the audition.

The little funny things a person does is what first attracts us.

After being married for awhile its those same things we find most annoying.

A test of patience and understanding can lead to a fulfilled life.

Really? While I freely admint hat my wife freaquenlty causes me to consider taking my own life, it is those quirks that keep me coming home. I find it is the things I didn’t know that really piss me off. I wonder if that is an artifact of getting married as early as we did (20). Had I known then that her idea of desert was covering a perfectly good scoop of ice cream with nothign but peanut butter, I would have called the whole thing off. On the other hand the little snort when she laughs wieghs heavily in her favor.

How beguiling 8)
Le D :smiling_imp:

I wouldn’t trade my wife in for anything. She doesn’t snort but she does things that make her as cute as a button. Plus she is HOT. :slight_smile:

My compliments to your wife M`sieur
LeD :smiling_imp: … -small.gif

Well, speaking from the other side, I’ve been married about 15 years now and it just keeps getting better. No throwing of household items, no annoyances, just hanging out with my best friend. I guess you’d have to ask him how he feels about it, but he is always telling me how lucky he is and how much he loves me, and we have a great time together, soooo, I’m guessing he’s happy enough. But then again, I married post-30 (post-40 for him), so I think we worked out a lot of our crap early on and pretty much knew what we wanted. And we dated then lived together for about 8 months–at our age, plenty of time to know what we were getting into.

(Oh dear, now I’ve gone and dated myself. But then again, I love being my age and I don’t care! 8) )

BUT, then AGAIN, I know of a friend who lived with her partner for 3 years and they married at about the same age as we did and their marriage is pretty rocky. Who knows!?? I never thought I’d ever be married. Never thought I could stand living with someone or that anyone could possibly live with me. Now I couldn’t imagine not living with this man!

Just wanted to offer a perspective from the other gender! All this talk about throwing things and annoying behavior might sound good between guys but it is pretty foreign in my frame of reference. I know of no women at all who would resort to that kind of argumentation!!