Got the book? Now see the movie! … mist-video
Watch out, all you landowning, monied, Scrivenerati, ‘have-got-a-lots’. Us ‘got-nowt’s’ are coming after you!! :imp:

Yup, read it (all 700 pages). It will convince you that inequality will be the issue of the next 100 years.

So have I… well I’ve read the front cover, it’s on the desk in front of me, but, for the faint-hearted, like me, I’m ten pages into New Books In Brief: An Executive Summary of Thomas Piketty’s CAPITAL IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. by A.D.Thibeault. Only 40 pages as opposed to Tom’s 700.

If the many positive reviews, are to be believed, then it’s a must read, and a must have for ones library shelf.

… if it hasn’t already been so for the past squaderatillion years.

But avoid the court case!

Max doesn’t like him either:
“700 pages of poppycock: A bestseller arguing capitalism doesn’t work - and the only answer is eye-watering taxes”, reveals MAX HASTINGS
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Shame. I like Max’s writings on war and battle; on Piketty, he goes so far as to endorse his diagnosis (which is pretty hard to contradict), but condemns his remedies. Well, Max would, wouldn’t he?