Grab a glass, put y' feet up, and listen to Johnny.

Something in this for everyone… I think? :confused: … dern-world


A very revealing piece, not for what it says about Kraus, but about Franzen.
He has become the Don Rickles of post-modern intellectuals,
Heaving insults at everyone until the insult becomes his art form
And self-contradiction his only logic.

Wonder why he published this screed in the Guardian,
Rather than, say, The New Yorker or The New York Review of Books?
I will grant that he’s right, a certain well-established novelist
Should not be writing out her pedestrian daily life in Twitter bursts.

Thanks for the link, Vic.

You too, droo [size=85]<—that’s poetry[/size]

This is pure gold :smiling_imp: … my-tilgFhQ


I read it but alas there was not enough explosions, excessive gratuitous nudity nor any hill billies with missing teeth trying to sell me ATV insurance to make me leap from seat and drool like a hound dog in July.

But my head does hurt now.


Yeah… 't will, cos y’re unique pige. :wink:

He does provide a great example of true elitist nincompoopery, in case I need a counter example to someone or something that is merely elite.