Grabbing URLs from a web page open in Scrivener

OK, I know this isn’t in the mainstream of what Scriv is for, but here’s what I want to do…

I have a web page open in the editor bottom pane, and I am typing a draft in the top pane. I want to grab a URL from a link (or the URL to the page that is open) and paste it into the document I am typing. Is there any way to do this without going to the browser?

I’m writing some blog posts in Scriv, and I know it’s not meant for this, but I think of my writing as sort of media agnostic in that articles meant for the web are not fundamentally different from articles written for other media. This kind of bumps up against the “draft rather than layout” idea behind Scriv, so I’m not really surprised, and I’ll work around it if there is no way to do what I’m asking about, but it sure would be cool if this was possible.

You can just hilite the link, copy and paste it. If you want only the url, arrow the cursor into the link and in the menu select Text>Web Link. Voile!