Graduation day

So with the announcement that the beta period is coming to an end, and Scrivener for Windows is available for pre-order I actually find myself a little bit… melancholic. For the past [?] months I’ve enjoyed being part of the extended L&L family as a beta user. It feels kind of sad to be moving from that to a… well, a customer.

So, thanks for all the hard work that’s been put in by you all.
Thanks for looking into and implimenting a few of the suggestions that I did make.
Thanks for answering the queries with good humour, even when they were posted in a “OMG my life is DESTROYED!?!?!?!” tone.
Thanks for providing what is probably the best customer service and support I’ve seen… to people who aren’t even customers yet.

And… thanks for Scrivener. Not every licensed version will end up being used to produce a best selling masterpiece. I obviously hope that mine will (despite all the evidence to date), and you’ve removed some more of my excuses.

I hadn’t thought about that but now I’m kind of sad too. It’s been just over a year of testing and now it’s coming to a close. Maybe we should hold a vigil and play Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road.”

Once things are set up there will no doubt be plenty of other public betas. On the Mac, I release public betas for point updates so that those willing can test them out before they become official updates. So your beta-testing skills will still be appreciated!

Many thanks for participating - and no one is ever “just” a customer. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely been one, long, strange trip. I was just thinking yesterday that it would be weird to have version 1.0 released. If we’re playing cheesy ballads, I vote for the Dead’s “So Many Roads.” What else would you expect from a Slackware user?