Grammar apps

I love working in Scrivener; it has absolutely transformed the way I write. Thank you for a great app.

However, I do find it a bit lacking in the Grammar/Spellcheck department, so I recently tried Grammarly and ProWriter, I was very disappointed (even tried the Premium versions) and gave up on them. It was inconvenient to constantly paste back and forth to Grammarly, and I seriously disliked it when ProWriter would take over Scrivener, to say nothing of all its incorrect suggestions (I know too many words, my sentences are too long for the “average reader”), It was often a case of TMI, most of which was inappropriate for my writing style, and I seriously disliked the cluttered interface. No, no, and again, no; not for me!

I use Scrivener Spellcheck & Grammar, Statistics, and Linguistic Focus regularly and find them very helpful (although Grammar is sorely lacking in regard to punctuation), but it would be far more convenient if they were all together in the Statistics pane. And it would be very useful if you added repeated short phrases (3 or 4 words) instead of just single word frequency.

I’ve had a lot of success with Antidote 10 and Scrivener. I like the way you can edit whole Scrivener documents, or just parts of them, and flick back and forth with the edits updating in real time. They have a trial version if you want to check it out. .

This is a new one to me. Thanks! I’ll check it out.

As a Mac user, it has to be said clearly that the extremely rudimentary grammar and spelling checker is a matter that Apple should address, since it is created system-side. Unfortunately, Apple has not improved anything about the grammar checker for years, so I also had to resort to a solution with a second app. Currently, as a German author, I use “Papyrus” for text checking. All other steps in the workflow I work with Scrivener. I often wished Scrivener had stronger built-in checking routines, but implementing that is not an easy task. Perhaps an integration of “Language Tool” would be a possibility, as Ulysses has recently implemented. But I could also imagine that other tools could improve the checking, for example an automatic search and display of word repetitions. The “Text Tools” added with version 3.x already help, it’s just a pity that it’s not possible to highlight the literal speech project-wide, and/or at the same time display the adjectives in a different color. Such tools would help a lot and I hope the developers have some more planned for future versions.