Grammar check tool is missing!

I can’t find any grammar correction tool! The only thing I can find is the orthographic correction tool.

Is it normal? Do I have to activate or install it anywhere? If you haven’t implemented it yet, are you planing to implement a grammar correction tool?

Please guys, I have to write my academic’s works in an foreigner language (foreigner to me). I can’t do it without a grammar correction tool. However, anyone writing long texts get tired eventually and starts to make silly grammar mistakes. Grammar correction IS an important tool for any text edition software!

Thank you for the hard work!

Grammar detection is a great deal more complex than spell checking, so finding a good library that provides this is essential. Even spell checking is a lot of programming. The Windows version is using aspell, which is a well regarded spell checker library. Something along those lines would need to be researched and integrated for this to be a reality. I am not sure if that is on the short-term roadmap or not. Technically the Mac version does not have a grammar checker either, it uses the library available to it in the operating system.

The general rule about Scrivener is that it is a drafting tool.
Helps you to plan, shape, arrange the parts of a writing project.
For anything outside that scope, export to a word processor.
The grammar check in Word is only good for formal writing.
For fiction, especially dialogue, it’s hopeless.