grammar checker

I am trying to upload my document to a grammar checker. Specifically, prowrittingaid. I am in their free app and for some reason I can’t find my files and when I do; they are all in code I can’t figure out.
Do you guys know what the problem might be on scriveners end? I plan on posting this same question to their tech support. Figure two groups, one might have an answer.
I did just update to scriv 3 for windows and got a new laptop. I don’t know if that is the problem because it wasn’t this hard to even find the files to upload before the move to a new laptop and the scriv 3 update.

I started using ProWritingAid two weeks ago because it interfaces with Scrivener. I downloaded the desktop app (free for 1 week) and it worked perfectly. Not sure what your problem might be as I haven’t used the free version but wouldn’t it be a simple copy and paste into their cloud based solution?

FYI - I found PWA advocates a lot more commas than I use, but after double-checking everything with the Chicago Style Manual it appears that they’re right, and after a week I’m starting to put more in…

I used to be able to upload to their free online app until I upgraded and transferred to a new computer. I have to go file by file and look for the latest modified version for the chapter/section I want to run through their system. I asked PWA, and they said that scrivener doesn’t work with the free app. Um, yes it does or did till a week ago. :unamused:
I think that I will have to end up forking over the big bucks to get the desktop app. I hate spending money.

Have you considered synching your project to an external folder. And then using that folder to upload to ProWritingAid. I’m fairly sure they’d be able to read RTF files.

The only thing you need to make sure you do is to close Scrivener before uploading the relevant RTF from the synched folder.