Grammar checking in MS Word?


I’ve rather gotten into the routine of writing in Scrivener, and then before publishing an article, copying and pasting it to MS Word to run it through its spelling and grammar checker.

Mostly, it picks up my overuse of commas (I have an ongoing debate in my head about the use of the Oxford Comma or not). But, it does occasionally pick up on other mistakes that weren’t found in Scrivener, such as hyphenated words.

Does anyone else do this?
Or am I missing something in Scrivener that would give me that next level grammar edit as I write?

Side note: I copy paste my document to Word, but I make the edits in Scrivener, so the source material is correct. It’s a bit of a pain, and I’d love to find an easier way.


Scrivener uses the Mac OS spelling and grammar checker. No, there isn’t a “next level” setting for it.