Grammar Done Good and Flow

Writing like James Joyce’s, William Burroughs’ and Walt Whitman’s has effected me profoundly.
I’m not so sure of my own writing abilities but I love reading writing that is simply free from the constraints of proper grammar and punctuation.
What interests me most while reading this sort of stuff is how a writer will abandon traditional sentence structure but keep the rules of punctuation. Doing this the writer can be free to write but maintain a certain amount of control over the reading of the piece.
Where are the lines drawn?
What do you think can be gained and lost?

For me, bad or informal grammar works best in dialogue.
And then it tends to suggest levels of class and education.
The narrative voice, if omniscient, ought to write well.
But. There are always. Exceptions. for effect.

Where understanding is lost.

Effect can be gained; comprehension can be lost.

The intended reader is all. Who are you writing for?

…or affectation? :confused:



Fluff, surely theres something of the sort of writing we are talking about that has inspired you or that you’ve enjoyed? I don’t think anything worth reading was written just to show off.

anyone out there have any recommendations?

I wouldn’t brood about this issue too much.
The job of copy-editors is to add punctuation where needed.

For example, in your message, theres should be there’s, but so what?
It’s still readable and understandable.

My recommendation:
When drafting, just try to write quickly and confidently.
In Scrivener, turn on full-screen, and only revise when you turn it off.