Grammar/Spell checker for Scrivener for Windows

A point of order, there, young Lurker!! A point of order!!
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I can’t speak for the above, since I’ve no idea what they are referring to, or care for that matter.

For my part in the sniping, I apologise to everyone else. I didn’t bother filtering my response as I normally do.

FWIW: I really do appreciate everyone who took the time to respond kindly and were helpful. I’ll have a closer look at the links referenced at a later point when I’m in the mood and have the patience to tinker about with Scrivener. Maybe I’ll have a better impression then.

You can try ProWritingAid. It’s one of the most comprehensive tools out there too. You might find this guide useful. It covers pretty much every tool out there.

MSWord has a blue underline for compound word suggestions and for missing comma suggestions. It has a brown dotted line for problems like redundancy (or just weird errors). After writing in PC Scrivener, and porting over to Word, I have noticed that MSWord feature is very nice. A downside is that double words, such as as this, get red-lined like regular spelling mistakes. If they were better highlighted it would be more user friendly.

It would be awesome if Scrivener caught up on writing style checking,
What is the best third party tool to track grammar with Scrivener? Personally I’d prefer robust inline tools because I also use iPad version alongside PC Version.