Grammar spelling

Hi guys,

what do you think to implement the Language Tool ( into Scrivener? German writing authors do not have a lot of possibilities to use other software for professional grammar- and spell checking. The famous Duden Korrektor was taken from the martket and the build in solutions in MS Word or Libreoffice are far from being professional.

I am asking because I love to write my novels in Scrivener and I hate to be forced to copy the whole thing into another software to be able to start correction.

Best regards,
Peter Nathschläger

It would be great to have an engine that finds also word repetitions or does text analysis (for instance in Marked you have rudimentary text analysis functions). I know that in Scrivener you can get text statistics (Project -> Text Statistics -> word frequency) but, I suppose, there is no way to see where for instance one word is present in the text (highlighting all its occurrences).
Do you know any plug-in or else for MS Word or LibbreOffice or Nisus that could be of any help? Or any good online resource?

Grammarly integration would be awesome - it’s a fantastic service, but slightly awkward to fit in the scrivener workflow.

There’s also: