Grammar support?

Will grammar support be added to iOS? Ever since my laptop bit the big one, I’ve switched to the iOS version of Scrivener on my iPad.

I love it, but my bluetooth keyboard drops letters sometimes. Though the spell check won’t always catch those (e.g., “the” typing as “he”), a grammar check should.

I checked this forum and didn’t see any posts about grammar that were recent at all, but please let me know if there’s a topic where this is already addressed. Thank you.

Not part of the team, but I suspect the answer will be “No”, as iOS is sandboxed in such a way that all your projects are within the memory-space allocated to Scrivener. The Dropbox app and the code that KB has added mean that when you sync—which you need to do or confirm by clicking the button—the project is copied backwards or forwards between the Scrivener and Dropbox spaces; until you sync they are separate, non-identical instances of the project on your iOS device.

To do what you’re asking, the grammar checker app would have to have access to the Scrivener space, breaking the iOS sandboxing rules. KB would probably have to create his own grammar checker built in to Scrivener for iOS …

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This is more a question of whether or not Apple decides to bring that capability to the platform. It only exists on the Mac because it is a part of the system general spell check system there (or yes, because Macs do not restrict software from essentially adding new capabilties to each other). By that I mean one has the same grammar checking in Mail or Safari that they do in Scrivener.