Grammar with Scrivener

Hello people,

I noticed my question been asked before, but the threads are since several years back, so, my question is: is there a decent Grammar feature in Scrivener in the latest version? I am using version, Windows, Version: I use the free version of Grammarly in my browser. (For the record, I dont use Windows Word - I use LibreOffice).

I tried to browse around the Interface of Scrivener to no avail.

Thanks in advance

Stefan L

There is the spellcheck, but not a grammar check.

I pay for ProWriting Aid. It is cheaper than the paid version of Grammarly, and works ok with both Libre office and Scrivener. With scrivener, I suggest using file sync on sections and not allowing PWA to mess with the scrivener files directly. Despite what they say, it cannot be totally integrated into Scrivener like Grammarly is with Word.

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Interesting experience report. Thanks!