Grammarian PRO2 X and Footnote Failure

I am evaluating Grammarian PRO2 X for use as a grammar checker for my thesis but have run into a problem with footnotes being wiped out. I select a block of text, including footnotes, and invoke Grammarian for the grammar/spelling check. After making changes, Grammarian pastes the text back into Scrivener but in the process all the footnotes in the section are lost. This happens with both inline and inspector footnotes. Has anyone found a work around that does not involve avoiding footnoted sentences?

It sounds as though Grammarian is changing the format of the text. The footnotes use a custom format, but from your description it sounds as though Grammarian reads out the RTF and pastes back in RTF (actually it can’t even be doing that, because Scrivener maintains footnotes when going back and forth with RTF). It might be worth taking it up with Grammarian.
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