Grammarly for Scrivener (Mac OS version)

I received an email from the team at Grammarly today. They’ve released a Mac desktop program that allows Grammarly to run on most applications.

After installing and updating permissions, Grammarly is now running natively within my version of Scrivener (version 3.2.3 build 14869).

I have not checked my iOS or PC versions of Scrivener, but this is great news.


Yes, it seems to work with just about everything on my Mac

I got that email and have given it a try as well. Seems to be working well! Very exciting for the folks wanting to use it in conjunction with Scrivener.

If I didn’t have a lifetime PWA sub (that I don’t use that often), I might be tempted.

I use PWA to run through work after my own edit just for suggested changes, though I dismiss most.