Gramotki is back as Make Notes 2:

Really worth a look.

What does it do that Stickies doesn’t?

Hi alexwein,

There several sites that have reviews of Make Notes - or Gramotki. For example: … order=date

It’s a personal preference thing, but Gramotki (Make Notes 2) has been around for a long time and it just work very well for me. I shrink the window to an unused part of the monitor and just clik on the little ribbon to jot down a note, then shrink it again - and so on. Just try it and see if you like it.

You might want to check out SideNote. Find it on It’s a wonderful little note taking program that stays hidden on the edge of the screen until you need it. Call it up using a hotkey or ‘mouse over’ and jot down any notes that come to mind. Several options to customize it the way you want; ie, note color, font, category, etc.

It’s freeware, it works and it’s unobtrusive.

I have no connection to the developer.


Thanks LL. But that sounds like what I do with Stickies. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely check out the Gramotki link, though.

WriteMakesMight (cute moniker), I already use Sidenote and love it and use it often. But there are times when I want to note something I’m working on and not forget it and have it right in front of my face, like a new theme I pick up on in something I’m writing. Then I use Stickies and have them sitting next to my text document.

It’s so nice to have all these different programs for different uses. Very handy.

You can make Sidenote’s drawer ‘stick’ open just by clicking the little thumbtack icon on the control bar. Don’t know if you already knew that, but thought it was worth mentioning if you didn’t.

Yeah, thanks, I do know that. On my 12" iBook screen it takes up half the space! So I can’t really work with it open. Thanks anyway!

I’ve been working with SideNote some time, it was my place for short notes, reminders, etc. Longer notes and story ideas etc were stored in Omni Outliner. And some other things were typed in the Dashboard Stickies. Now that Scriv 1.0 is here I’ve moved ALL my notes in 1 project. It’s always open, it usually is in Corkboard view. I might write something about in the “Zen of Scrivener” section, because for my needs it really works well.