Graph Paper

Would it be hard to include an option for graph paper in the corkboard?
I regularly use different kinds of papers. Scrivener uses lined paper, but graph paper would be nice, too. And, of course, blank paper :slight_smile:


At the bottom of the Fonts & Colors tab in Preferences you’ll find a Corkboard background option where you can specify a color or an image instead of the default cork.


Yes, I know. But I don’t want to change the cork background (I like it), I want to change the cards.

Sorry, no. You can already get rid of the lines if you want (plain paper), but there will be no graph paper.
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If graph paper were added, I can just see the next technical support issue:

How do I use Scrivener to draw graphs ony my notecards? And why won’t they export to Pages? :smiley:


Any particular reason for not including graph paper? Since the paper is only an image, it would require only a few lines of code.

Lots of reasons. First: it is a bit of an odd, esoteric request, and I can’t implement every single individual request. Secondly: allowing for an infinite number of background paper options for any particular interface element leads only to madness (and I personally think it would be too gimmicky). Thirdly: graph paper doesn’t fit the metaphor. An index card or a post-it note makes sense for a synopsis. Fourthly, the lines are not “only an image”. They are drawn based on calculations of the line spacing between letters, dependant upon the selected font. If they were only an image, the lines would pass through the text if you changed the font to anything but the default. So: that is more than “a few lines of code”. Because of this, if you had graph paper, the vertical lines would pass through the letters of anything but fixed width fonts (assuming I wanted to go to the effort of coding it so that the vertical lines matched the widths of fixed width font letters, which I don’t).

Sorry, but I simply can’t say yes to all requests.

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Ok :slight_smile:
Sorry, I thought the lines were only images.
Of course you can’t say yes to all requests :slight_smile: