Graphic & Table of Content

Hi everyone, it is great to have a forum here. I love Scrivener - I am converting my book into an eBook & am facing the two challenges:

  1. I have inserted a graphic on to a whole page - looks great, when compiling into an eBook - it’s tiny. I tried placeholders but they don’t work at all (used the tag put the graphic name in - nothing appears on the site)

  2. I am confused about the table of content, including the chapter headings - mine looks like a complete mess.

I would appreciate if you can help me out :slight_smile: My book is due to be put on amazon today - but I am still facing these tricky bits.


Hi Nadine,

Images can be sized down when viewed on the ebook device. KDP’s guidelines indicate a 9:11 aspect ratio displays at maximum screen size. There’s also a note on the page that the images may not appear correctly when you preview an uploaded file.

The table of contents for ebooks is generated automatically based on the section breaks (as set in the Separators pane of Compile or with “page break before”). You can create and format a custom table of contents to replace this if you wish. Chapter 23 in the user manual (available from the Help menu) explains how to do this. There’s a note there also about how to tweak the instructions in the case of ebooks.

I hope that helps!

Hi Jennifer,

thank you very much for your help. We have discovered that the image looks correctly under Kindle Gen, it was only in the Kindle viewer where the images where mis-sized. So that is sorted.

Re table of content, I don’t know what to put into the prefix formatting pane and whether I have to put all the documents into individual folders for the chapters.

Appreciate your help,