Graphics Go In As JPEGs, But Drag Out As Pic Clips

A search of tech support for “picture clippings” turned up nothing useful, so here goes:

Seemingly, some deep and necessary programming ju-ju in Scrivener permanently converts my JPEG graphics to picture clippings–which, while less than optimal, is okay as long as the original JPEGs are retained. But, human nature being human nature, this is not always the case.

Not wanting to play the rapidly irritating game of copy-paste-into-preview-save-as game, I ferreted-out something called ClipEdit, which makes the process slightly easier.

But why the need for work-around in the first place? Going forward, is it really impossible for a JPEG to be dragged into Scrivener and a JPEG to be dragged out again onto the desktop? Conversion-wise, the picture clipping format is one of the least flexible formats around: Once a graphic becomes a picture clipping, it tends to stay that way unless unusual effort is applied.

Beyond hoping for some news of a future version of Scrivener, I think I’m actually hoping that I’m simply overlooking something obvious and that JPEG-out is possible after all . . .


Images are saved inside Scrivener in the same format they are imported. To get them out again, you need to use “File > Export > Files”. If they went in as JPGs, they will come out as JPGs. They cannot just be dragged out as dragging to the file system from a system that doesn’t store the files with the same names or in the same structure is somewhat problematic. If you are talking about images that are placed inside text rather as standalone documents, this is a different matter, of course.

Much thanks, Keith–that’s done the trick.

If possible, you might want to make it impossible to drag corkboard graphics to the desktop in the first place. The semi-success of the the operation dissuaded me from looking for alternatives. (Then again, what I don’t know about programming would fill the proverbial volumes. . .)

Thanks again,

As I say, it is problematic creating files on the fly like this, given that the underlying structure of a Scrivener project means that the files are not quite as you would want them to appear on the desktop. Such drag and drop operations are not so simple. Otherwise, I would have implemented such functionality in the first place.

I think kulturhack wasn’t suggesting you implement the drag’n’drop to work with the file types, but instead that you disable it altogether.

From your response, I gather you misread “make it impossible” (i.e. disable the dragging option) as “make it possible” :slight_smile:


Oh, I see, you’re right. :slight_smile: But the drag type is useful in other ways and was previously requested - not so much for graphics but for other file types - so I’m going to leave it as is. :slight_smile: