Okay, potential dumb question of the month…:slight_smile:

Is there an Optimum Size for photos or images in Scrivener? I have mine set up so (from Left to Right):


In the Inspector, I’ve got Chapter Title and brief Synopsis of what’s going on. Under Document Notes, I like to have photos of the characters to refer to as I write.

Question is, is there a Best Size for such photos? Going from Mac Desktop to Macbook ends up having to spend a few minutes re-aligning everything. Is there a recommended size, or am I just being obsessive???.. :smiley:

Not obsessive!
I too like to keep relevant photographs in the document notes.

In Scriv1, the images defaulted to column width, which was great - they all came out the same size, regardless of differences in their actual resolutions.

In Scriv2, I’m finding they display proportionally to their true sizes, meaning that some are tiny and some are huge, which is distracting me!!

Other than going into PS and rendering them all the same pixel size, is there any way I can persuade Scriv to display them as before, i.e. defaulting to the width of the document-notes column?

(Otherwise, Keith, loving it. Small gripe really :slight_smile:

The images in the document notes should be limited to the width of the inspector - is this not happening? If not, what version of OS X are you on?

Ah, yes. Larger images are being limited to the inspector width, but smaller images are not being forced to fit (enlarged where necessary) as before.

Thus, images are now displayed with many different widths (depending on resolution), whereas before they had only one: the column width. I liked that.

Sorry to be less than clear.
And thanks for speedy reply.

Right. In Scrivener 1.x I used a custom method for doing this, but it caused some other nasty problems (which I now can’t remember, but I am on my third beer of the evening so please forgive me). I now use a standard text system method for limiting the width. If you bring in an image that looks too small, it should be easy to fix - just drag it to the main text view, double-click on it, enlarge it, and then drag it back to the notes view.

All the best,

Your third-beer-of-the-night solution worked perfectly.
Thank you!

The best solutions always come with beer three, I find. Apart from that giant tattoo of R2-D2 wearing a fur hat of course.

You bring joy to my world of insular nerdiness.
(You and this pint of Cairngorm Trade Winds.)