Grateful to be a Scrivener

Dear Keith,

Thank you for having created such a fantastic tool for writers. A while ago I wrote about how Scrivener helped me during my recovery from a stroke that fried a part of my brain where language and comprehension reside. I was close to finishing my first draft of an ambitious historical novel when the stroke made it impossible for me to read and understand what I was reading in neither of the two languages I speak fluently (Spanish and English). Weeks after the event, I returned to my Scrivener project, and while at first I could not work with the same energy or ability, having all my materials in one place, organized in a way that made sense, helped me to feel, at least, that my novel was there, waiting for me, in my Scrivener project, organized and ready whenever the necessary new pathways to and from the affected areas would make it possible for me to read and write with comprehension. It took me a year to read and understand much of what I’d written, and another eight months to be able to create new scenes. But I did it! Just this last week I sent the historical novel that had haunted me for years, my most ambitious effort, to my editor.

I love Scrivener, and recommend it to all my writing friends. Thank you Keith, and thank you, Scriveners in these forums. The generous tips and suggestions, the support of one another, the silliness and strangeness of some posts, have all helped me feel part of a community. In the saddest, most lonely times in my frustration with my struggle with language, I’ve turned to you. Muchas gracias.


Hi Esmerelda,

Congratulations on finishing your novel and getting it off to your editor! Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s great to hear that things have got better and that you have finished such an ambitious project. Good luck with the editing process!

Thanks again and all the best,

Dear Esmeralda,
There`s always something inspirational in your posts. Muchas gracias :wink:
Heartiest congratulations, on your stunning achievement. :smiley:
Take care

Warmest congratulations on your stunning achievment, Esmeralda! It’s an inspiration to read about your overcoming adversity through creativity.

And congrats to Keith for having created such a well thought out tool to help in the process.