Gratitude and a small suggestion

I want to express my gratitude for Scrivener. It took me quite a while to embrace Scrivener. Not because of Scrivener but because of my challenges with organizational structure. I am still not 100% using all of Scriveners tools. I will get there (at my own pace) but for now, I am thrilled at the way I can option select Binder text to review the flow of my ideas, see if I am repeating myself, etc.

What I wish Scrivener allowed, would be to set each document to its own color preferences. My brain keys into color quite strongly and I find that it would help me to make better use of Scrivener if I could do something as simple as changing the Binder background color for different Scrivener projects.

Yes, I can change the Binder color each time I open a project by going into preferences, but that changes all Scrivener documents, present, past and future as any Project opened is going to have whatever color you have set for the Binder in preferences.

I am suggesting that it would help me to visually track the project I am in if I was allowed to set each projects localized colors to, well, locally, instead of app wide.


I’m pretty fussy about customizing things like color too. For years I did it in WordPerfect and now I’m doing it in Scrivener.

When you say you wish you could customize color in the Binder for each project, do you mean only background color? That does persist from Project to Project. However, the Binder looks very different for my romances than for my mystery because I customize the colors of Labels and use that for Chapters (just because I like them to stand out a bit with their own color) and scenes (in that case for character POV because I have both hero and heroine POV scenes).

The mystery is first person, so the Binder colors I used for it are at the moment just decorative, but if I ever get to finishing it, I may use different colors for what would otherwise be Status. Since you can’t see Status in the Binder, when I get to “Final” for each scene in the Romances, I’ve been changing the icons to the checked box so that shows in the Binder at a glance. With the mystery I could use Label color.

Yes, just a simple choice of Binder background color is all I am referencing here. Changing the Binder background color in Scrivener preferences for any Scrivener document, is going to change all Binder background color in all Scrivener documents, past, present and future.

I can see how allowing full customization of Scrivener’s Binder and other working areas with color and icons can be very useful. Perhaps the L&L developers of Scrivener would be open to creating some sort of a saving device to allow each user to customize each Scrivener document, according to taste.

The most important thing is that each document would be responsive to an individual preference setting for that document instead of globally as it is now. Second, you could save color and font layout schemes and apply them to other Scrivener documents as you wish.

Have you tested using custom Labels? You set them in the Inspector for each document and can customize the colors any way you want.
Next step, click
View -> Use Label Color In -> Binder, and also at the bottom Show as Background Color in Binder.

There you have your custom Binder background colors.

You could switch back and forth pretty easily using Themes (can customize your own) right now. It would mean making that one change when you opened a different Project, but it would be quicker and more consistent than re-customizing background each time.

Custom Label colors are what I was talking about, but setting them as background only affects the mmm not sure what to call it, strip? of color behind the name of each chapter/scene. It definitely can give each Project its own look.

No, OP wants different colors for each document:

Themes can’t be used for that.

Okay, so Labels.

I’m not sure what this means. Option > Select seems to just follow what the cursor drags across, meaning it won’t allow selecting a paragraph by clicking on it. Maybe you are referring to Command > Select, which allows selecting text non-contiguously?

Oops, yes, mea culpa, I meant command select and not option select. My apologies.