Grayed Text

I’m sure there must be a simple answer for how this has happened, so hopefully someone can help. Several paragraphs in my text are highlighted in gray, especially distracting in Compose mode. Can someone tell me how to unhighlight it?

If I understand the question correctly, have you selected a Focus mode?

Main menu > View > Text Editing > Focus - should have a check next to Off.

It sounds to me like you inadvertently turned that text into an inline footnote. Inline footnotes also have a telltale line that runs around the grey area. Am not near my mac, but the inline footnote command is a toggle, so if you select the text and invoke that command, it will turn your text back to normal.


P.S. An expedient you can use without even diagnosing your problem is Paste and Match Style. You can get a clean copy of that text that way and just delete the offending original.

Thanks so much, Paste and Match Style fixed it, I should have thought of that! Focus was off, it may have been a footnote, because the text size was different (larger), although I didn’t see a line beside it, so I’m not sure what’s going on. It did happen, I think, when I posted a quote from an online link, so it may have footnoted the whole thing.

If it was posted from something copied from a website, you just may have gotten some unwanted page styling that came along. Paste and Match Style is your friend for pasting such things from the web, because it strips such things out at the get-go.

Glad you got it sorted.