Great but when will Windows catch up?

Scrivener is awesome, and I understand that the Mac version is the road map for the Windows version, and that the Mac version was built many years before the Windows version…but why hasn’t the Windows version at least been somewhat caught up to the Mac version? There are some features that are a must (nowadays) that just aren’t available in the Windows version, and it’s rather frustrating. For instance the ability to sync the documents to Dropbox (not the .scriv file, rather all of the documents in Scrivener). (I tried endlessly to find out if this was actually an available feature, but it doesn’t seem to be so, unless I’m missing something.) This is honestly an issue which ceases my use of a program because depending on where I am I use different computers or mobile devices to write. And it’s not like I can just drop $1k+ on a Mac merely so I can use Scrivener in sync with Dropbox.

Are there any plans to actually have the Windows version catch up with the Mac version, or will it always be many updates behind? When can we expect to see some key features (like syncing with Dropbox) in the Windows version?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about the missing Dropbox features from the Windows version? I use Windows and Mac versions of Scrivener and I sync everything on Dropbox. You just have to move the whole project file there and be really careful about letting it sync completely before opening it on the other computer.

See this article in the knowledge base for more details. And there are a few posts about this on the forum.

For the question in your topic title, though, I have no answer and will let someone else give you one. (But I hope we can get templates and things like that in the Windows version soonish!)

EDIT. Ah, I guess you meant that on the Windows version the ‘External Folder Sync’ is missing? It should not be used to synchronise Scrivener projects between machines anyway (I used it on Mac when I wanted to access my stuff on the iPad with Notebooks app or things like that). See the end of the article I linked to: “External folder sync is intended for working on files in other programs and then being able to sync them back to Scrivener. You should never try to use external folder sync to synchronise Scrivener projects between machines - if you do so, you will corrupt your project and see some very odd results.”

I’m going to guess that this feature (external folder sync) will make its way into verison 2 for Windows. The feature will probably arrive in 2014, based solely on public statements that the iOS version of scrivener will be available in 2014. Since a stated goal of that software is to seamlessly sync Mac, Windows and iOS projects (probably via Dropbox, maybe via other services), I suspect that means that external folder sync will also be part of this new feature. The reason I believe that this will be in version 2, and not a point release to version 1 is that it’s a MAJOR undertaking that can completely bork your project if something goes haywire. Also, the Mac version didn’t get any sync capabilities until version 2.

That’s my guess. I doubt the developers can say with any more certainty than “2014”, since software defies initial guesses at complexity until you are elbow deep in the coding, and I doubt they’ll even say that; better to remain mum for a long time than to disappoint people when the self-appointed deadline passes.

As for the rest of Scrivener for Win catching up to Mac… Consider this math puzzle: Given a frog that can always hop half of the distance from it to a fixed finish line, how many hops must it take before it crosses the line? Answer: It never will, because 1/2 of anything distance is still some distance to the finish line. (let’s ignore physics for this thought experiment; it breaks down when the whole distance is covered by the frog as it sits there breathing.)

I believe Scrivener for Mac was first released in 2007. Scrivener for Windows was officially released in November of 2011. The Mac version has not stagnated, while the Windows version has continued to add features to it’s version 1 release that were never part of the Mac version 1 release. While the catch-up is no hypothetical frog race, I imagine it will be a number of years before they reach feature parity.

Yes, mtrahan, I meant the external folder sync. :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion. I actually do not use Scrivener across multiple computers. I did see however, in the Mac tutorial for using the external folder sync with Dropbox, that for editing the text files that the external backup creates. I think it’s the third video tutorial from the bottom. Anyway, that is precisely what I have been doing with regular word processing programs for a very long time (just without Scrivener involved), and that’s what I’m hoping they will add to the Windows version soon because I have absolutely depended on being able to access my documents on any of my devices with Dropbox.

Thanks for the ‘rampant speculation’ estimate, robertdguthrie. :slight_smile: It’s something to hope for.