Great deal on iPad Air cases

OK, so this isn’t software, but it is soft hardware.

DealMac has a posting about Poetic cases for the new Apple iPad Air selling for 1 cent plus $4.95 for shipping. That’s $4.96 for what appears to be high-quality cases. I suspect they want to jumpstart sales. That means the offer probably won’t last long. … 93561.html

These seem to be such nifty cases, I’m almost tempted to buy one just in case I happen to win an iPad Air in a contest or something.

The Strapback case is particularly helpful since it has a hand strap to make it easier to hold that iPad in your hand while standing and a stand that’ll let you place it on a table and adjust the angle. … B00EX9J9ME

Add a bluetooth keyboard and the iPad version of Scrivener when it comes out and you’ll have a most portable writing tool.

That model is too new to have any reviews, but there’s a great video review on the iPad 3 version here: … B007HBLXI8

Currently at $7.95 plus shipping, that one’s a great deal too. A quick glance seemed to suggest that Poetics has their cases on sale right now, so you might check out those for your iPad.

Straps are handy. I’ve got a ‘strapback’ case from another company that’s my favorite case for my Kindle 3. I just wish all these cases would include a connection for a lanyard strap around the neck to keep these gadgets from hitting the ground or suffering a grab-and-run theft in public.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL