great icon design (except...)

Hello there,

I am not sure if this is really of interest now that the upcoming Scrivener 2.0 is almost scheduled. Maybe you have even planned to redesign the icon set, after all.

In case not, I would like to say that Scrivener’s icons are great. They are useful and nice altogether, very mac-like. Just there are two of them which I don’t like that much.

The “binder” icon: It’s a binder, I know, but because of the perspective I can’t help but see a laptop in the first place everytime I look at it (the cover acts like a screen with a blue desktop, see what I mean?). I have a tiny screen, I must admit.

What if it had a more vertical approach? Sort of like this one (not necessarily closed):

The “delete” icon: This one I can clearly see, it is just that it reminds me of “forbidden” (like a traffic sign) more than “delete”. Why not a simple red cross?, like this kind:

Again, the overall work is great and this is simply minutiae. Just my two euro-cents.



I agree. The binder always looked to me like a laptop, and the delete icon says “forbidden” – or more historically, “bend sinister” – rather than “trash.” However, I suppose one could argue that forbid implies refuse, which need only be nominalized for accuracy, and bastardy is rather trashy.


Hmm, I can see your point, but on the other hand a book-like icon is too generic and doesn’t look like a ring-binder. And a ring-binder that is closed just doesn’t look very good. The current binder icon was contributed by a user and I kind of like it - I’ve rejigged it a little for 2.0, but it remains essentially the same.

So how about this? If anyone can design a binder icon that I like better than the current one, I’ll give that person a free upgrade. :slight_smile:

As for the delete icon, I definitely agree on that one and have added it to the list to provide an icon more like the one in the image you provided.

Thanks and all the best,

doubts her drawing skills are up to the task

What about an upright open binder? Standing up?

Or one of those big clip thingies from the office. not only can I not draw it, I can’t tell you what it is!

Bulldog clip? On a clipboard?

Except that’s not a binder… similar metaphor, but probably needs to be a binder with the name.

The box I have here says “binder clip”. I always called them bulldog too, but then I have been told I am only visiting this planet.

Which I a long winded way of saying “I figured I was wrong”.



I believe “bulldog” is one brand of binder clips.

Er, not so fast! That ‘forbidden’ icon for delete is sprinkled throughout my system – in, as a customised Finder window and in Scriv, MarsEdit.
I’m OK with it just the way it is (sorta kinda universal) thanks.

Mail Finder
MarsEdit Scriv

“Deposit 2c here.” - Peter

Enter the call for a user preference setting or user definable image.

I will suggest something realistic though. Leave changing the icon for post 2.0

I’ve made icons for things, and while I’ve USED the “no entry” icon for delete, it always irks me as not actually correct. I’ve also used it for “private forum” and things like that.

A good delete icon would be an animated page going through a shredder.*

* that was tongue in cheek

::wonders what you’re talking about::
::looks closer at the binder icon::

Holy cow, it is a binder. I thought it actually was a laptop. :blush:

Well maybe it could look something like this?

That’s not bad, although when it’s shrunk to 32 x 32 it is a little difficult to see (the problem with any binder icon) and its angle is a little odd for a toolbar (also, I think the pages should be at the back rather than against the front cover.

Did you make this yourself, though? It is a pretty nice base…

Yup I just whipped it up real quick as a “rough draft” of an idea.

Then your icon design capabilities are far superior to mine! Don’t suppose you fancy doing a bit more to it, or sending me the PSD file? :slight_smile:

I can do both. The original though was whipped up in Illustrator and then taken into photoshop for some polishing.

I can send you both of those or do more work on it, whatever you may like


Well, if you feel like doing a bit more to it, I certainly wouldn’t complain. :slight_smile: I like the over-all concept - I would drop the Scrivener logo on it, though, and check how it looks at 32 x 32 against a dark grey background. That would be great! Thanks!