Great job, Lee and Keith! (and formatting note)

I’m running the Windows beta on a Toshiba laptop with Vista and an Asus netbook with Win 7 Starter. No problems at all so far installing, importing, saving, or using (and saving) the Nano Template. I love the program as it is–as additional features come online it will only get better. Thank you very much for making this software available to those of us who dwell in WindowsWorld.

Note on formatting that might help users who, like me, are brand-new to Scrivener:

I’m fine with composing text in what seems to be Scrivener’s default format: single line spaces, para breaks bigger than line spaces, and no para indents. But I needed to know that upon export I could convert my text into the desired format: double line spaces, para breaks same as line spaces, para indents. I compiled some text, exported it as .rtf, opened it in OpenOffice Writer, hit “Select All” on the Edit menu, set things the way I wanted them on the Format menu’s “Indents & Spacing” tab, then saved the whole thing in .doc. It took about a minute and produced a file that looks just like all the other Word files I’ve turned in to my publisher over the years. (I write YA nonfiction.) Easy peasy. There may be other ways, and I’m sure, if so, I’ll pick them up here on the forums.

Many thanks for your kind words, indigo_room, much appreciated!

Oh, and double-line spacing will be coming soon - it’s just one of the many things that aren’t working yet but will be.

Thanks again,