Great Procrastination Tool!!!

Well at least if you live the UK… I don’t know if you can view it in other countries.

TV Ark

It’s got the opening and closing themes of lots of programmes. It even has the old itv regional idents!

I miss those days when you got home from school and watch 3 different episodes of the same programme by flicking through the itv channels. I distinctyly remember watching the programmes before the kids programmes came on. I miss those days!!! sigh

Nice one Stace! :smiley: Some of those ads are priceless. :wink:
Happy days eh!
Take care

I like the one about teenage swimming: “I wish I didn’t keep losing my birds!” Ah, what price feminism?

Derek Batey is still working !

I shall not go back there to see if there are episodes of Crown Court. I promise myself not to.