great program

Almost finished going through the tutorial. Never been this disciplined in my life before :slight_smile:
It’s thorough, and I like the varied formatting options and multiple ways to organise and view. Looking forward to working with it now.

Tutorial can be improved in the Compile Drafts section. Everything works, but once the compile window is open, I could not scroll down to see the steps. If you can figure out a way to get all the steps on screen at one time, with the Windows sized to make room for the compile screen (can this be made smaller? it would help), then a persevering reader could actually follow all steps.

Yeah that’s a good point. Actually what might be a good idea is to copy and paste this section out to WordPad or something. In the Mac version, I believe it suggests that the user open up the document in a pop-up window, but this feature hasn’t been implemented in Windows yet, and is on the long-term list, so I stripped the entire comment out for the Windows edit—leaving no mention of a way to sidecar the steps.