Great review in MacUser

The latest issue of MacUser (16 Feb 2007) contains a stunningly good review of Scrivener.

Five mice; pros - works the way writers do + Full screen mode + Screenplay mode; cons - none.

Congratulations Keith! Expect more cash to flow into that by-now bulging off-shore bank account.

Crikey! That’s great! Thanks for letting me know… Now I just need to go and find myself a copy…

Here’s the online version of the review. Well earned.

Wow, super review! Many congrats, Keith!!

Every one of the five mice is well deserved.

Each and every little mouse. Well done, Kieth!

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

You should put the little award badge on the Scrivener page.

Amber’s right.


Would someone please provide a link to the review? I searched the MacUser site and found no reference to it. Thanks.

As Larkle mentioned, it’s here:[/url]

I am sure that the MacUser review is just the beginning of a long string of positive reviews, because Scrivener has become, to my mind, the trend-setter for writer’s apps. Congratulations.

When MacWorld and Mac|Life get around to it, you’re going to run out of room for displaying 5- ratings. Congrats!

The MacUser article was where I first heard about Scrivener too. I was so won over by how positive the review was that I downloaded it straight-away.

Having used it for a couple of days, I haven’t been disappointed—the five mice rating is definitely well deserved! I’m sure this will be one of many good reviews to come.



Thanks. :slight_smile: