Great Software

I’ve been an on and off user for a good few years and have recently been upping my usage. Just in time to try out the windows beta. While concurrently working on a Creative Writing MA, which is certainly put me and the software through the paces!

I felt compelled to register and say well done. This is some great software. Which will be even better once the few bugs are squashed. Really impressed.

Great work guys and thanks!

Thank you! Great to hear it’s working out with your MA. :smiley:

That said, we don’t recommend using the beta for major projects yet, so please be wary and make a lot of backups–we’d hate for you to lose anything, but it’s always a possibility when beta testing.

Now you’ve registered, as you’ve time, please do post any bugs you find in the Windows Beta Forum if you don’t see them reported there already. We don’t want to miss anything you guys come across that we may not have seen. :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP… This app is killer. I am still using 1.9.7. Just going through the tutorial inside the program. Nice work in 1.9… I will try the V3 Beta later, but for now, I am impressed with how well thought out this application is. I am buying in and wish the Windows team the best of luck in 2018. Nicely done ppl.