Great tool but compiling bad epub files

I have an issue with epub files. They are not compiling to the standard required by Epub validotor and when I try to publish to certain sites they say it has failed the epub check. I know you sent me on a list of software code I can use to correct this, but firstly I don’t have time to learn code and secondly I have too many books passing through to do this.

You need to fix this please.

Great program otherwise, shame we are trailing behind the IOS version. Not sure why you would consider your windows users less or is it a software thing?


We are aware of the issue with the UUID in the new ePubCheck version and have adjusted this and made several other epub-related improvements for the next release, which will be out in a few days.

I’m not sure what you mean about Windows trailing behind the iOS version. The iOS version is in development–and is a separate development team from the Mac and Windows versions (all three platforms have separate developers)–but hasn’t even been released yet, so I’m not sure how Windows could be considered “behind” it. We certainly don’t consider Windows users less important than iOS users–they’re not even exclusive, as many Windows users have commented that they’re eagerly anticipating the release of the iOS version. In any case, development of the iOS version hasn’t affected the Windows or Mac development.

Sorry, I meant apple, not the IOS. But that is good news that the fix is on its way shortly.
Thanks for swift reply.

You should be able to run the epub through Calibre to fix the error. Load epub into Calibre. Convert epub to mobi, then convert mobi to epub. That should pass validation.

I second Calibre. That’s all I use for ebook management. :slight_smile: