Great Update, with a fiddle

Keith, et al:

Great update to 3.0, and I go back to before you first, rather hesitantly, asked us to actually pay for Scrivener. I thought I’d hate the alterations to Project Notes, on which I rely for Everything. But the reimagining is proving to be far more useful than the original.

My one question: A change in default spelling from the folder Scrivener Scratch Pad Notes to Scrivener Scratchpad Notes left my old V2 notes unmoored. Can I just drag the RFTD files from the old folder to the new folder in Finder? Or is there some fiddle involved?

And, may I say, ’ow very Miss Jane Marple for Edit > Text Tidying. I immediately went in search of Digestive Biscuits and a nice cuppa, just in case I find some Gremlins to Zap.

You can move the notes over, or you could simply tell Scrivener to point to the old folder – the location is user-definable just as it was in V2 (I keep mine on Dropbox so they’re shared between computers).

Preferences > General > Scratchpad > Notes Location.


Thanks. Dragging the files from folder-to-folder in the Finder seemed too obvious to actually work. But it did.