Great work, and great software!

Last year after NaNoWriMo, I actually talked myself into a MacBook just to be able to run the OS X version of Scrivener. I used it off and on during the year, but I just don’t care for OS X that much (got nothing against it, mind you, just don’t prefer it) so I never made as much use of Scrivener as I could have or should have.

This year, I did a lot of brainstorming before NaNoWriMo in some other writing tools on Windows (e.g., Dramatica Pro) and had started plotting out the novel in the open source Storybook software. As I began actually doing the writing, I found out about Scrivener for Windows.

I downloaded the Beta and installed it, and never looked back! I completed NaNoWriMo with over 52,000 words, all of which were written in Scrivener for Windows. I plan to finish the novel there and to start using it for other writing projects immediately. I know it’s not on feature parity with the Mac version, but since I never updated that to 2.x, I am not missing the features on the Windows side that may exist in the Mac version so that works out well.

Scrivener never once crashed that I recall during the entire month. The only nagging issue I had the entire month was a tendency for the font in the editor window to change to some strange default font I didn’t like - but that may be because of text pasted in from Dramatica - I don’t know.

What I’m getting at is that I definitely plan to buy this software with my NaNoWriMo discount and make it the cornerstone of my writing toolkit. THANK YOU very much for bringing it to Windows and doing such a great job with it!

Thanks for the feedback and congratulations on winning - I’m surprised you can face a keyboard already :slight_smile: