Greater flexibility on the corkboard


This software has been an absolute saviour for me! Thank you so much for a wonderful tool. I use it mostly for personal projects, to collate and visualise notes and resources. I spend most of my time on the corkboard, and mostly write straight into the synopsis section of text files from the corkboard so I can see all my notes at once.

I don’t know how easy it would be to implement, but using it like this, I often wish for greater flexibility on the corkboard to allow for a more visual planning style. I would absolutely love to be able to take a virtual pen/some virtual chalk and scribble directly onto the corkboard–draw connections between things, box certain files together, visually organise things into different sections, more like a blackboard than a corkboard. Another big wish is to have some control over the way individual cards look, rather than only styling them in bulk - in particular, it would be so great to be able to have different sized cards. Since they look uniform and I can’t do anything to the corkboard itself, my ideas tend to turn into a bit of a jumble and it gets hard to organise files. I forget the connections between them.

I know I’m not exactly using Scrivener in the standard way, but I hope these features might be useful to other users too. Scrivener is amazing for collecting things.

Thanks again for the great work, and for reading this :slight_smile:

You mean, something like this?