Greater precision in project stats

Since paged view in typing is some time off and I have to use the project stats to see how much of what I’ve written takes up, I would like to see a more precise report on how much of a page a section of text takes up.

If I need a 15s scene, that is 1/4 page, but Scrivener reports only whole pages. Even number of lines in a selected page would be better than it reporting whole pages.

I think it would be unusual to report fractional pages. I’ve never seen this done in a word processor, do you have an example?

As for line numbers though, you can do that already.
I think it would be unusual to report fractional pages. I’ve never seen this done in a word processor, do you have an example?

As for line numbers though, you can do that already. Just enable the [b]Format/Options/Show Line Numbers[/b] menu command. You must be in the standard editing mode to use this feature (we cannot draw the numbering ruler into the page view). You could consider just quickly switching between page view and standard view if you need to see the line number, and then back. [b]Shift-Opt-Cmd-P[/b] is the shortcut for that.

I don’t see anything like this. All I have are three menu options, regardless of being in screenwriter mode or not: Show Invisibles, Ghost notes mode and Typewriter scrolling.

Opt? Cmd? Are you talking about Wintel or Mac?

Ah, apologies, I was talking about the Mac. These are features which are still on the roadmap for Windows.

A basic feature I’ll no doubt have to pay for. globus999 might have been a d-bag in the way he presented his complaint, but he did have a point. For L&L to keep the windows version so far behind the mac doesn’t even make good business sense.

The Windows version is so simple by virtue of being so far behind and feature lacking, I guess I don’t really need support. The most outstanding feature of WinScriv is the outline mode and binder and they’re simple enough. Other than that, I’m finding Scriv to be lacking a lot. Thanks for what you’ve done up to now, which really hasn’t been much at all.

I’ve been knocking around these forums since before version 2 for the Mac was announced. The version I started using was less sophisticated than the one you’re complaining about, and yet it was the best thing I had found to write with. Praise was heaped on it by working authors and amateurs such as myself. I saw the first announcement of the Windows version. I saw more than a year of public Windows (unpaid) betas, and learned of about that much time spent on it before that, even with the design work and refinement of the second version for the Mac as a guideline, mind you.

I’m sure it must be frustrating to want a feature that isn’t there yet, knowing that it’s coming at some unspecified time in the future, but you could be in an even worse situation: no Windows version whatsoever. There are authors who borrowed macs, tried scrivener for a while, and then dropped the cash on an entirely new (high-priced) machine just so they could hand Keith $40 for a copy of Scrivener that now looks quaint and quite limited by comparison to the current Windows version.

You are under no obligation to know or care about the path taken to get this piece of software onto your hard drive, but another thing that I’ve noticed on these here forums is that the handful of people behind Literature and Latte care, not just about earning a living making software, but about the quality of that software and the ability of their customers to produce work with that software.

To imply that they’re holding back on features just to turn a bigger profit, or out of some perverse disdain for the people who essentially feed, clothe and shelter them and their families looks like a slap in the face from my perspective.

These Lit & Lat folks are nice, generous people who only have so many hours each day to provide you with your most needed and essential Scrivener features.

We do not deliberately keep Scrivener for Windows behind; it is much newer software and development on both is happening simultaneously, so it’s almost impossible for Windows to catch up entirely without me ceasing development on the Mac version for a year or two. However, Lee works on Scrivener constantly and has added a lot since Scrivener for Windows was released (comments and footnotes weren’t scheduled until version 2.0, for instance). Scrivener 1.0 for Windows after three years of development has far more than Scrivener for Mac did at that stage of its development. It may seem baffling to you, but he simply hasn’t been able to fit eight years of work into three years.

Finally, if you wish to continue posting on this forum, please follow the one forum rule of being polite. You are welcome to post your requests, but insulting us adds nothing useful to the discourse.