Greatest???? American Novelist

Procrastinators!! :open_mouth: More grist to the procrastination mill. … ng-matches

Don’t want to piss anybody off (unduly), but I’ve gorra Donegal Tweed sports jacket like the one that Faulkner’s wearing. Probably not the only thing we have in common, :neutral_face:

I think in this new young culture they would base the decision on who had the most movies based off their books or whoever is on the front page of the App Store.

Or whether they’ve achieved the status of a judge on “The X Factor”.

I saw this earlier this evening, Vic-k, and thought of you, but it appears that Simon Stephens missed a trick and somehow failed to include any of your colourful alter egos in his play:

Ahh Astrid, mon amour,

…tis because he knows not…how you say…the real Stockport :smiling_imp: For who knows, my love, what transpires in the early hours, under the arches :wink:
Au revoir chérie
Le D :smiling_imp: