Greetings from a post-apocalyptic wasteland...

J.L. Bourne here.

I wrote Day by Day Armageddon.
I started off using Copywrite but have recently downloaded Scrivener. It was an easy transition with the Introduction tutorial. So far the software is overall superior to Copywrite.

The big thing I love is the fact that all the research files are centrally stored in the scrivener backup save. After a long writing session, I encrypt the backup file and store it in a safe place online in the event my computer crashes. I am still in the evaluation period with this software but I fully intend to purchase it when the trial expires.


J.L. Bourne

a Zombie Novel

This sounds awfully like sharing a brain with Vic-k!

Welcome to Scrivener…but you may rue the day…then again…you could find inspiration, lots of it…some real weirdoes amongst the mortal members of the crew.

Le Directeur


I ain’t no weirdo. :slight_smile: