Good Day All!

I’m new to Scrivener and just want to say… I LIKE IT SOFAR…LOL :smiley:
I’m a press photographer that has a itchy trigger finger for camera’s and writing. Seems I’m either taking pictures, or writing or scribbling down ideas for stories. Initially I started my project in Celtx but have since switched over to Scrivener. I’m still getting a feel for it and welcome any tips and tricks.

Currently I’m working on a story that I’m sure will have sequels. Some of the ingredients are Werewolves and Vampires. Ancient bloodlines, meet modern day technology. Of course theirs more but that’s the bare bones basic. I’m hoping to contribute to this community as well as prosper from having met such a seemingly great group. I’ve read quite a bit of forum posts and everyone here seems to be on the level.

Just wanted to make my presence known and politely introduce myself.

Thanks in advance for any posts,

Warmest Regards,


Idrisa, Hiya!
A warm welcome aboard Scrivener. :smiley:
Familiarity with our friends [size=50](or fiends)[/size], vampiresnwerewolves, should go some way, in preparing you for your earliest encounters with the other members of Scrivs crew. As I say, 'some way'. However, you may find the company of[i]V[/i]sn[i]W[/i]s, preferable to some of the entities haunting Scrivs decks…especially the lower decks :smiling_imp:
Once again, welcome aboard, Idrisa :wink: :smiley:
Take care


WoW! I’m really surprised to see you as the first person to greet me, but I guess since I posted in your forum it’s only proper that you would be. :smiley: I enjoyed your comments on the post from Eddy entitled ‘A short scene’. One word ‘Impressive’ was all that came to mind. I’m probably going to post something here soon I’m just working up the nerve.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Best Regards,

Vic-k never passes up the opportunity to surprise people. He is like the neighbors dog. Aways there jumping up on company and looking for the next amorous leg. The real surprise is that he took so long. He must be distracted by a cat somewhere (this joke loses potency as Mr K has changed his avatar to a highly inappropriate image).

He is fairly harmless. At least most of his personalities seem harmless. But that pigeon… Surprising he survived that game of target practice.

I clearly have my own issues.

Anyway, welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride. The only advice I would offer is don’t eat yellow snow, and don’t use the word “iPad” over on “Wish List”. Both can be dangerous to your health.


Cool…In fact Super Cool!!! Jaysen and Vic-K commenting on the same thread, ok now I feel special LOL :smiley:

I’m happy that two of the heavy hitters on the board found me. I’ve started making my way around the boards and made several posts and today I think I’ll make a contribution. I’m posting a excerpt from something I’m working on, I can’t wait to see what the both of you think.

Thank you for the warm welcome!!! It’s greatly appreciated being new and all.
This is really a great community…

Best Regards



Vic-k, I can’t tell is she is saying that we are hitting the bottle or pipe to hard or that we need to lose some weight. What’s your take.[/size]

I., I was … hmmm this can get confusing when using pronouns. You will henceforth be known as Eye. Which means that we have high hopes for you. Hopes that would lead to wonderful preambles like “All Seeing”. The problem is that around here, being the representative eye, you are liable to get poked*.

Eye, I was going to suggest that many would warn you against associations with the likes of vic-k when I realized you included me in your feelings of specialness. Thank you, I think. I have been told that this spcecial feeling will rapidly change into a less pleasant feelingas you are exposed to the inner dysfunction of Mr. K’s personalities. I offer you my apologies in advance for what is almost certain to happen in the near future.

  • [size=70]Vic-k and GR will be all over that in a few minutes[/size]

Aw geez, J., in the same breath? Okay, that does it, my reputation is going straight to rehab.

Welcome, IM.


Mr. Greg.
My heart bleeds for you, truly. I know how you feel. :frowning:
Do take care,

Greetings from Michigan!

Glad to see a “local” on these pages - truly the last place I expected to find a fellow denizen of the D! Good luck with your writing. There’s plenty of room for all of us vampire writers out here… and for our vampires, too. :wink:

May I make a suggestion?
With all the true-life horror in Detroit these days,
Why mess around with werewolves and vampires?
That trend peaked a while ago. And they are silly superstitions.
Something that gives an honest picture, with hope,
Would be far more useful than escapism.

That’s true, are you writing something like that?

Mademoiselle Jac, ma chérie
Bienvenu le Ship of Lost Souls, Scrivener.

Be not perturbed by, le druid, he is the ship’s…how you say…skeptic…oui…non?
He foolishly believes, Le monde réel, is the real world. Leave him to his delusion, mon amour.
Come to me my Sweet, and I shall comfort you, and nibble your neck. :imp:

Le D :smiling_imp:

No, but I wish you would.
In your journ work, don’t you meet good folks who haven’t given up?
Anyway, each to his own. I’ve met vampire types on faculties.

Vic-K does have me pegged right.
And that’s one of his better self portraits.

Mr Druid and MR W,
I was wondering whether or not, Miss J and Idrisa’s silence, in response to your post, is indicative of an assumption on their part, that since you are so unstinting in your advice giving, they, along with, possibly, many other members of Scriv’s crew, are expecting a, ‘Masterclass’ from you. Not a, ‘Masterclass’, in arrogance; ignorance; insult; bias; prejudice; hypocrisy; cynicism and elitism, you’ve already given that one.

The logical assumption, I suspect, is that the, ‘Masterclass’, would embrace topics such as: How to abandon your chosen genre, in favour of one more suited to delivering an honest depiction of, “True-life horror in Detroit”; how, in the face of adversity (similar to that faced by the inhabitants of Detroit, to whom you have just delivered your depiction of their,“True-life-horror.”) you can, through the brilliance of your writing, banish despair, and reintroduce hope into the lives of Detroit’s citizens.

Y’ know, when you think about it, that is one hell of a tall order. Even with the benefit of your Masterclass, Mr Druid.

Or were you perhaps talking about, the illusion of hope, proffered cynically, in order to boost sales of their books, amongst those of their fellow citizen, desperate for some, supposedly, achievable goal to aim for, to help rid their, “True-life, of some of its horror”, no matter how unattainable in reality, those goals are.

A funny old word, ‘Hope’…isn’t it, Mr Druid, Mr W. ?

Hope…that springs eternal, only to be dashed again, and again, and again, an…

Hope…that springs eternal, only to be, seized upon by the: self serving seekers of office; shysters; manipulators; unscrupulous and the opportunist, to be used to further their own ends at the expense and detriment, of the owners of the breasts, in which that hope spring eternal.

Are we to assume, gentlemen, that with your urging and concurrance, all Ms J and Idrisa Morris need do, is look around themselves, and see that, hope, with its myriad connotations, is there to be found.

If the above, be the case, gentlemen, then, if two mere dabblers in, ‘escapism and silly superstition’, are expected to see and recognise the seeds of hope about them, and bring that hope to germination and ultimately, fruition, how much more so, should we be urging those, into whose hands the welfare of Detroit has been placed, to look for and recognise those same seeds, and in so doing, be able to set in motion, measures designed to enable Detroit to rid itself of the, ‘true-life horrors’, to which you both allude.

Some people, enduring, "True-life horror, may actually find, that an hour or two, of silly superstitious, fantasy escapism, to be the only respite they have to look forward to.

Superstition, Greed. Lust (sex and/or power). Three of the most powerful motivational forces, afflicting mankind today.

As purveyors of fantasy escapism, sillily superstitious or no, these two Detroiters are keeping good company:

Dracula. by Bram Stoker
J.R.Tolkien Hobbit LORs
The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. by Robert Louis Stevenson
Even Henry James, with his Literary Realism credentials, gave us,‘The Turn of the Screw’
The Chronicles of Narnia. by C. S. Lewis.

The world’s cultures abound with stories of vampires and werewolves. I’d be very much surprised, Mr Druid, if your researches of Chinese Culture/Superstitions and likewise those of the Native American, failed to bring to your attention the Lang Ren, Chinese werewolf and the American Indian werewolf, Limikkin and Skinwalkers.

If I felt there was a purpose to be served, by arguing that an imaginatively written textbook could be a bit of escapism for someone, I would. The point that, almost all fiction is escapism, on one level or another, doesn’t need to be argued. I would have thought it to be self evident.

I had to do a retake when first I read the question and its answer:

But then I thought, no they’re not likely to be, are they. It is after all, hard advice to follow.



Perhaps Mr. D et al merely mean(s) that vampires and werewolves and bogeys, oh my, have fallen into the genre known as Desperately Overpublished, and discerning editors are beginning to reject them even when they’re not half bad.

Your sensitive and diplomatic post, only throws into stark relief, the, lack of tact, diplomacy, courtesy, and welcome for a new member, in Druid’s post. He’s even disdainful of faculty members and heaps scorn on them and accuses them of what looks like, throwing in the towel, when it comes to fighting for the rights of their fellow men and women.

An awful lot of Scriv’s crew members, write in the Fantasy/SciFi genre.

It would have mitigated the impact of his insulting behaviour, had he actually answered yes to the question, “Are you writing something like that?” He answers, “No, but I wish you would,” :open_mouth:

Also, a, “Welcome to Scriv, Miss J”, would, I suspect , have been very well received, and appreciated.

Your tact and diplomacy is appreciated, Ahab
Take care

Dear Perry, Fluff, Vic, et als.

Sorry to have offended. My remarks were offhand and not intended to draw blood from anyone.

The genre of urban fantasy is well established, and some of the leaders are Jim Butcher (Chicago) and Mercedes Lackey (Velgarth). Perry might find this article helpful:

The genre I was describing, too briefly, is known as true-crime or literary nonfiction. It’s harder to create and thus less popular. I’m sorry if that sounds elitist, but any publisher will verify.

One of my disadvantages in the forum is a lack of interest in pop culture or genre fiction. In the future, I’ll keep my opinions to myself. I have stopped commenting on new writers’ prose, so that’s some relief provided.

No worries, gentlemen–these days anyone can publish as they please via

(More writers than readers, true, but c’est la vie, especially among those who write for love, not lucre.)

And while impatiently waiting to hit the Kindle download on the new Jim Butcher at 12: 01 am on 7/26,
allow me to suggest that your discussion is moot, because vampires and werewolves are Out.

Mermaids are In: … lash_n.htm

They’ve always been in. Vic-k married one, forty years ago.

Oopss sorry :blush: :frowning: I am silly. I thought you said MIlkmaid
Fluff :blush: