God Bless the Good Ship Scrivener, and the happy band of Scrivenerati who sail in her. Greetings and best wishes to all.

This is my first posting in the forum, or any forum for that matter and Im not really au fait with forum etiquette, but, no doubt somebody out there will whip me back into line , if I transgress. forcing My names Vic and Im a 63yr old ex Massey Furguson Hairyarsed Welder, from Manchester. In Jan 2000 I took early retirement on grounds of ill health after contracting ME in June 1999. ME, by the way, is a neurological disease (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and not a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, thats me me meeeee, not, ME.

In early 1992, I saw an advertisement for the Writers Bureau in Manchester and toyed with the idea of enrolling on its Comprehensive Writing Coarse, which, being a blisteringly decisive type, I did…in Jan, this year, 2007, in what I hope, doesnt prove to be, a vain attempt at kick starting the old brain into performing reasonably well and consistently (rather than in fits and starts), by subjecting it to the disciplinary demands of a structured study program. That sounds like Ive signed up for a course of Sado / Masochistic bondage, dosent it. I havent honest!

Ive invested £1000 in updating my Apple BW G3 (which I acquired just a few weeks before I acquired the ME in 99, I dont think the two events are related but…?), for a Pentium Core 2 Duo iMAC, running Tiger 4; having cable Broadband installed; course enrollment fees; a reclining swivel chair and of course the excruciatingly exorbitantly priced Scrivener. But, having reach my age, one of the many lessons I`ve failed miserably to learn, is that nothing thats any good, comes cheap.

Would other members of the Scriveners crew, please look away now, while I do some creeping to the skipper Capt. Keith: Capn sir, yeroner, one lesson I have learnt, over my 63 yrs, is,Theres always an exception to the rule and shiver me timbers if Scrivener aint it.

Keith, stop beating yourself up about a price rise. If it was any cheaper, nobody would buy it, theyd think you were giving it away because its a crock of shite, which it patently is not, a fact Im sure the Scrivenerati will attest too, en masse. If any of the scurvy dogs dont, make `em walk the plank.

This is has become a long post, sorry, but since its my Maiden speech (post) to The House , in the main chamber of The Palace of Scrivener Im entitled to some forbearance on the part of any of the members therein .
Notice, If you havent already, just how cleverly Ive moved the action from The High Seas into The Corridors of Power. Its a gift...its a gift.

On a serious note, *$%!±-!1&… shit!!! I dont know if I can do serious` .

Ill try again: Thats better. I am! serious when I say that, I really have enjoyed reading all your posts over the last few months and have come to the conclusion that the Scrivenerati (at least, those of you that Ive encountered through your posts) are a bunch of genuinely nice Guys n Gals
and it`s been worth every penny of the pittance I paid for Scrivener for that pleasure.

Before I finish, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Alexandria on her successful defense. Well done Doc, keep up the good work, and you take care in New Orleans.

Keith and Amber V; common decency dictates that I inform you both of the fact that: I, am the man for whom the expression R.T.F.M. was coined. I shall elucidate in my next post, if you haven`t kicked me off the forum already.
Good night and may all your Gods be with you.

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The FAQ.


And welcome to the forum. Banter is always appreciated, especially in copious quantities.

Dear AV.
Thanks for the welcome and the FAQ. Much appreciated
Ive already printed off all the dos and donts.

Take care ,
Good night,