Hi, everyone! My name is Heather and I’m an author. (Hi, Heather!)

Bad joke, I know. Sorry.

Anyway, as I said, I’m an author who currently has three novels out and is working on a fourth. I’m also married to an amazing man who is also an author. He has two books out and is working on his third as we speak. We helped co-found a small press called Talaria Press with some friends of ours to help support each other as we find our feet and our audiences as writers.

At this point, our works run a pretty diverse gamut from young adult steampunk to superhero-scifi to urban fantasy and short stories. Please feel free to take a look and see what tickles your fancy! There’s loads of information about each of these titles, as well as myself and my fellow founders, on our website!

H.L. Reasby - Sekhmet’s Light Series
Akhet, Book One
Peret, Book Two
Shomu, Book Three

Garth Reasby - The Children of Divinity Series
Ascend (coming soon)

Ren Cummins - The Chronicles of Aesirium
Reaper’s Return (an Amazon Top 50 bestseller for Young Adult Steampunk!)
The Morrow Stone
The City of the Dead
Reaper’s Flight
Into the Blink
The Crook and the Blade

Founders Anthologies
Quests & Answers
Once More Upon a Time

Thanks for reading!

Greetings to you, Heather!
P.S. I’ve been familiar with Edward James Olmos as an actor since the days of Miami Vice and of course Blade Runner. But I didn’t realise he was a sage as well.