Grey rectangles when scrolling

When scrolling a document on my MacBook pro (2012) the screen is flickering and grey rectangles appear. It happens in composition mode and in the editor. This is very annoying. It doesn’t happen on my iMac and with other programs. Hope someone can help me get rid of this. I have the latest version of Scrivener (2.8.1)

That looks more like hardware or driver issues to me. I know you say it is only happening with the one program, but I’d at least run some basic troubleshooting, cleaning and diagnostics steps on the Mac first.

Thanks. I ran the first aid in disk utility, but this doesn’t help. Don’t know what else to do. I used to have no problems like this on my macbook…

Have you run the built-in hardware diagnostic tool? Note that if your Mac is newer than 2013 you should follow the link they provide to the newer article.

If that comes up clean, I’d try reinstalling Scrivener on the off chance the install is corrupted.

Also you mentioned other programs seem to be working fine, are you comparing it with other programs that use the stock Mac text engine? Even just copying and pasting some text from Scrivener into TextEdit might do.

I have a MacBook that is, I think 2012. It has a known (to Apple but never fixed) graphics or motherboard problem that didn’t start until just out of warranty. In my case, the screen goes black (so just grey blocks is better than mine!) and has to be restarted. The issue has ensured that whenever I use that MacBook, I save often. The Apple support forums had lots of posts about it (unless they’ve now been deleted…).

Okay, now I also ran the build in diagnostic tool. It found no problems, but the rectangles are gone (for now). May be because the system was restarted? Thanks to you all!

And the rectangles are back. So I tried reinstalling Scrivener, but that doesn’t help either. I guess I just have to do my writing on my other Macs.