Group and Renumber Endnotes by Section at End of Book

I’m working on finalizing my book for print (CreateSpace) and saving in .docx format so I can add drop caps and adjust the pages slightly (so subheads don’t appear at the bottom of a page) before finalizing to .pdf and I’m running into difficulties.

Apparently, when compiling to .docx you can’t specify that it separate the endnotes by section as you can in other formats (not sure why). Nor can I find a way to have the endnotes restart at “1” in each section. Footnote numbering restarts after page breaks doesn’t seem to work.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

In addition to the above which still lacks a response, my endnotes are appearing with a rule after the page title and flourish on the first page of endnotes and at the top of each succeeding page. I can’t figure out how to remove these from the compiles Word .docx file. Nor have I figured out how to remove them in Word.

Help with these issues would really be appreciated.

I’m down to this issue holding up the publication of my book. I can work around the others within Word, but if anyone can help with sorting out the endnotes I would really appreciate it. I really don’t want to have to do this all by hand. Thanks.

See my response to your support query. These are both Word issues, and best addressed there. – Katherine