Group mode : brainstorming on corkboard without synopsis

I need your help.
I almost only use scrivener in corkboard mode. Basically I have all of my texts displayed as stickies in a total mess to rearrange them according to each others…
However I’m really disappointed because I can’t see my documents exactly as they actually are.
In fact in corkboard mode, we only see the synopsis of a text.
-> I would need either :
-to unable the synopsis thing and to only see the content of of a document in corboard mode.
-to have the sonypsis “linked” to what’s written in the text, matching the characters of the text as they are displayed (with all the returns… ).

So : Is there anyway to display in the synopsis of a text the exact content of this one?

Or is there any other option that could allow me to have all of my different poems on the screen at the same time and to move and modify them ?
(I already tried to open them all in the quickref but it’s not convenient at all).

Thank you very much.


You could select the cards and use Documents > Auto-Generate Synopses, which will auto-fill the cards with the first few lines from each document. Index cards are very much designed to show synopses of the text and not the text itself, but this should do more or less what you want.

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thanks for the answer.
However, I’m afraid it’s not working :
-It doesn’t show the entire text
-it erases the layout ( its like “return” doesn’t exist, it makes the whole thing impossible (well for a poem it is :laughing: ))
-If I modify my text, the synopsis will stay the same and won’t display the changes I made in the text.

The index cards and synopses are working exactly as designed; you just misunderstand what the they are intended to do. I suggest that you read the Scrivener User Manual Section 12.1. To quote the manual:

If your poems are short enough, draft them in Scrivener documents, then copy each into the synopsis. Or, just write each poem in a synopsis text area. The view in the synopsis pane is scrollable, and, if you specify the small font and size the cards properly, the entire poem will be visible on the index card. After you’ve arranged the poems as you like, copy them into the main Scrivener documents for polishing and export.

And use <Alt/Option-Return> to put line breaks in your poems on the card, or change the behaviour of return in the preferences.

Yes, synopses are plain text so won’t show any formatting, and only the first few lines of the text will be added when using auto-generate synopses. As sampler points out, synopses aren’t intended to show the whole text - they are exactly as their name suggests, synopses; intended to hold summaries of your text that allow you to see at a glance what is in the document the card represents.

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