Group Mode layout - help needed

Hi, I’m sort of new to Scrivener. I have been using it for a year but just last weekend watched a tutorial to help me figure some things out. I learned about the Group Mode Viewing button which really helped me. I so glad I watched the tutorial. But in the video, Scrivener showed the a line graphic between text pages. When I used groups there was no graphic indicating page breaks. I searched through preferences but could not find anything about Group Mode Views. Can anyone tell me how to get that to work?

I am using Scrivener 2.6 on a Mac PowerBook Pro OS X 10.7.5

Thanks in advance.

To clarify one point, these divider lines do not signify page breaks, they signify sections breaks, i.e. where one file in your Binder ends and another begins. If you select two text files, each with one line of text, and switch to Scrivenings view, do you not see a divider between them?

Also, there is one option to use a zero-height separator, and in that case you would get little “crop marks” in the margin instead of a spaced out divider line. That is the Separate scrivenings with single line breaks option, at the bottom of the Formatting preferences tab.

That is exactly what I needed to find! Thank you very much!