Grouping Templates

I see how to create templates, and, although I haven’t looked for / found it yet, I THINK I can find the location of where templates are then stored.

What I would like to know / do is change/delete/add/rename groups for the New Project window, and then arrange templates into the groups that work for me.

How can I do this? I looked through the manual, but didn’t see it, nor in the tutorial.

Chuck Billow

Don’t know if this will work for the Windows version, but on the Mac the categories are assigned when you create or edit the template as a template and the sidebar picks up the categories from available templates (rather than being specifically listed).

So you could try creating a new document from one of the templates (on the Mac you hold down the option key while doing it so the placeholders aren’t triggered) then immediately saving it as a template with the same name as the original, making sure you change the name of the category when you do so.

You can also try right-clicking on the template and choosing Edit Info to get the same – that works on Version 3 on the Mac (can’t remember if it does on V2 or Windows…)

Apologies if they don’t work on Windows yet – it will do in Version 3, I think, if it doesn’t now. May be worth trying though.

I’ll give it a shot.