Grouping / Ungrouping

Is there some way to select a number of binder items and group them together into a folder? And some way to get them back ungrouped? What I finally found was to create a folder, then select everything else and slide it sideways with the move.

I was sure there was a better way, but maybe that’s on the Mac?

Relatedly, selecting every one of the items in my binder, except for Draft, was tedious …

Tap the edit command at the top of the Binder. Tap all the items you want to select. Tap the Move icon at the bottom of the Binder area. (It looks like an arrow pointing into a file folder.) You’ll get a list of Move destinations, including the Binder root level and the option to create a new folder.


Ah, yes. I recall now. I need a larger brain, I guess … thanks!