Growl Play Sound Notification Not Working

Hey Scriveners,

I have a small - hardly creative-crushing - problem with Scrivener in that it won’t play the chosen sound configured in the Growl notifications when my target word count is reached.

It displays the bar and tells me the word count/session target has been reached but no sound.

If I go into the Growl Preferences and click on the chosen sound I hear it - so it’s not a problem with speakers/volumes/sound file etc. And it doesn’t matter if I choose a system sound or a custom sound.

I kinda like the sing song I get upon reaching my word count for the day and would be grateful to have it back again. It definitely worked when I first installed and tested Scrivener.

I’m running version 2.1 (14118) on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Thanks so much!


Anyone out there …

Perhaps, even if you’re not sure of the solution to this, you could let me know if it works for you on this version. I can then be sure that it isn’t a bug at least and perhaps I’ll try a reinstall of growl or scrivener or both.



Hi Gilly,

Sorry, I missed this. Yes, it definitely works for me, but then it would - this must be something on your system, or a problem with Growl, I’m afraid, because all Scrivener does is call through to Growl with a vey basic command; basically, “Show Growl notification for application Scrivener”. Growl is then solely responsible for checking its own settings for that application and playing sounds and suchlike - all those settings in the System Preferences are Growl’s own.

Sorry that’s not much help!

All the best,

Hi Keith,

On the contrary it was a lot of help! It pinpointed where the issue had to be, saved me looking into anything on the Scrivener side, reinstalled Growl and all working now so thanks very much!

All the best to you too.


Great, glad you’ve got it working again!
All the best,