Grrrrr. How to uninstall part of Office for Mac 2008

Okay, so I broke down and installed Office for Mac 2008. Yeah, I know, I know, but there were a few things about Pages that made my life with other PC people difficult. Anyway, I got the whole thing from work for 21 bucks and it was only available as the full suite.

I just wanted Word! Not everything else. Well, technically, I didn’t really want that, but it is necessity. I digress. There wasn’t anyplace during the install to choose only Word, and in typical MS fashion, it installed everything. All kinds of things!

So, can I uninstall Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, and Messenger and some other project crud it put on my Mac?

go to:
ms office
additional tools
remove office
chose which things you want to remove and then remove them

take two aspirin or consult dr vic-k for stronger therapy.
check back with the forum in the morning.


Msieur Just Write, Dr Mulality [size=50](dr vic-k)[/size] is, unfortunately, otherwise engaged. I, fortuitously, on the other hand, am available, and renowned for my sagacious utterances and perspicacious pronouncements, on all manner of Lifes travails and tribulations.

My antidote for treating the various individual symptoms of MSWindows Depression, or indeed, the full blown Syndrome is as follows: I highly recommend a course of Consultations with my KInky Electro-Convulsive Therapist, Lucinda Higgs-Boson. Between which, I recommend, frequent sessions of that good old standby, ‘Gymnasticated Fornication’, with partner, or, partners of your choice.

I am in no doubt whatsoever, that the scintillating rebecca, will wholeheartedly add her endorsement, to the above.

Bon Chance Msieur Just Right. LeD :smiling_imp:
PS There is, of course, no charge for this consultation.


i’ve heard that johnny walker can help at a time like this. but since you paid $21, sangria may be more appropriate.


Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

As for the therapy, I’m thinking that since MS is evil (especially in this instance), I will drink Voodoo juice (recipe below), and try Gymnatics while consuming the Voodoo Juice and sticking my tongue in the light socket. Just have to be careful with the parallel bars and all that rum. Could get ugly.

1 oz each of flavored rums: mango, pineapple, orange, coconut, banana, and 151 floater. Soak marchino cherries and a few tablespoons of juice in rum. Add to that 2 oz ea of orange, pineapple and cranberry juice.

Tastes like plain juice. Adds kick for those manuevers on the uneven bar.

'Tis more evil than I expected. Any Exorcists in the house?

The only thing that is present in the remove office tab is: Office 2008. Doesn’t appear to give me the choice to remove parts.

The other problem? Why is the rum gone?

ok. i just did this a few days ago. wanted to get rid of entourage whose bugginess overwhelmed what should have been its usefulness.

what I did was delete the whole thing, then re-install word and excel, which i use as a portal for exchanging documents with the pc world.

i got the list i gave you from a book. sorry it didn’t work for you.

if all else fails, you might try an exorcist. just look in the yellow pages under microsoft.

rum is my drink; coke with a big shot of rum and a slice of lime. drink enough of it and you may decide you like the software and want to keep it.




Drink enough of that, JW, and you may decide to become a Buddhist Monk! :open_mouth:

OK, why mess up a perfectly good drink by adding cola?

Here are my favorite drinks (and one not so drink). Note that KB promotes responsible drinking. There is humor in what follows. If you don’t see it then don’t drink.

Medicine Use only when near padded surfaces
16 oz Tumbler filled with ice CUBES (that is important should melt to about 8 oz water or you will be in trouble). Fill 3/4 with Captain Morgan’s. Drink until you feel better or the glass is empty (including ice).

Desert This one can get hairy
One bottle Captain Morgan’s “Private stock”. One glass. the most expensive chocolate you can find (get a second mortgage if necessary). Eat some chocolate. Drink some rum. Repeat until one of the following occur a) you pass out b) you run out of chocolate c) your bottle is empty. I have money on “a”.

Food (doesn’t matter you won’t get much in you :smiling_imp: but I like steak or good pork), fresh citrus fruit (I prefer pineapple) and any spiced rum. Prepare fruit into bite sized pieces and put in glass/ceramic/plastic bowl in fridge. Cover with rum. Go cook, take your time, say thirty minutes. divide fruit into servings and sprinkle with sugar (I prefer brown unprocessed [called raw some places]). Section rum into small glasses with crushed ice add more rum if needed. EAT [size=75]umm… keep the fruit away from the kids. If you think they are a handful of whiny snot nosed poopoo heads now wait until they wake up with a wicked hangover. NOT good.[/size]

Leave me alone Snort perfected this one for me.
Black seal rum or other DARK rum (if you don’t think of tar when you see it it isn’t dark enough), pineapple chunks, cherries, a little butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, granola and yogurt. If you are adventure some some currents. Be careful that you don’t burn your house down with this one. Melt butter in large skillet and add rum until 1/4" deep. add as much pineapple as you can fit and stir. sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. cook until the pineapple is warm and rummy (if you are using the currents add a handful here). be careful with the temp as this sucker will flame if you get it too hot. set aside in a non-metal bowl. If it is hot outside put it in the fridge otherwise keep warm (put a towel over the bowl), Add another dose of rum or twenty until you have about 1/2 cup fluid in the skillet. Add some sugar, maybe 1/8 cup (i use a 1/4 cup but always seem to have half left) simmer this down until it starts to get thickish like a soup. In a desert bowl (or vat if you are one of the +3+1) create a couple of layers of yogurt pineapple and granola. Let the sauce that you have made stand with no heat for a few minutes then spoon over the pile of goodness that you put in the bowel.

Add chocolate for a unique experience.

I feels seasick :blush:

i don’t have any witticisms to add, except the simple observation that this thread may be jw’s punishment for going off the range (an okie-ism) and installing office in the first place.

that, and i do so enjoy it when the feathers and fur start flying and jaysen, wock and vic-k get rocking.


Yoaahh!! Mama! :wink:

Too much for you?

Now I feel dirty.

Yes. Punishment. I must drink tequila shots for installing something MS on the Mac. Maybe Patron silver, chilled without salt. Don’t ever do tequila shots and drink voodoo juice and mojitos. It’s like mixing MS software with a Mac. Oh, wait! I’ve already done that! Buuurrrrp! Bartender! More friends for my drinks, please!

Actually, the Patron is somewhat fine, it’s really the salt that makes me want to chuck my lunch at blinding speed. Lime or otherwise… the “I feels sick” is exactly what happens, usually after I’ve knocked a pigeon off a post from fifty paces (sorry, Wock. Didn’t see you standing there and there and there, buddy). By then I’ve wasted all that good liquor which is alcohol abuse. Long story short – I stick to rum or wine.

And I haven’t tried ripping the damn crap off my Mac yet. But during the initial install, it never asked if I only wanted portions of Awflice installed. It just installed everything in typical MS Borg fashion.

Um, well, er . . . I don’t suppose you could just open the Office folder and drag the apps you don’t want to the trash? (Leave the support folders alone.)


P.S. Jaysen, I must say those recipes are one of the finest descriptions I’ve seen of a road to hangovers the size of Jupiter. Congratulations!

And worth every head pounding heart beat of it. “Desert” is a real problem here. Way too much “good” stuff in that plan. And the play between the chocolate and high octane spicy brain number … ooohhhh thank the good lord for fermentation!!

For the record, “Medicine” should only be used when you are so far gone that you figure you won’t be conscious for at least 2 days. That is about how long it will take for the world to come back into focus.

Oh and I need not suggest the need for a designated driver for anyone who makes “Dinner”.

The bar could get bloody uneven with that lot, and also other unmentionables which have been mentioned.

My preference would have to be caiparinha from Brazil. One learns about these things if one’s wife is of the Timorese-Portuguese persuasion and one tends to drink them, possibly to excess, who would know?, at a waterfront cafe in Dili, Timor-Leste, celebrating the New Year’s Eve of 1999 – the first New Year after the Indonesians were chucked out – and burnt the place to the ground on the way to the exit.

Did I over-indulge on this occasion? I wouldn’t know – I fell asleep on the dusty roadside next to the beach at some time before midnight in a manner which I am proud to say reminds me of a scene near the end of Kim. I awoke refreshed and ready for another round at about 2 am in the Year 2000.

The recipe is:

1 lime, 2 ounces of cachaça, sugar to taste, ice cubes

Step 1: Wash the lime and roll it on the board to loosen the juices. Cut the lime into pieces and place them in a glass and crush the pieces (pulp side up) with a pestle, just enough to release the juice, otherwise it’ll get bitter.

Step 2: Add enough ice to fill the glass, then sprinkle with the sugar and pour the cachaça over it. Stir to mix and allow to stand for a little so the ice can start melting and thin the mixture a bit (if you have been smart and found yourself a tropical location, such as a waterfront cafe in Dili, the melting will take place sufficiently in a few minutes).

Step 3: Sip. Savor the fresh taste. Sip again. Savor the fresh taste again. Sip again … etc.

STEP 4: Reflect on how civilized this is. Order a small mountain of sasatay sticks (little bits of meat on a bamboo skewer, basted with a tamarind/peanut chilli sauce that will melt its way through the plate and table top if you don’t eat them quickly. Eat quickly and sip caiparihna for its topical anesthetic effect on the mucus linings.

Step 5: Ignore the rubbish about the “2 ounces” of cachaça, keep the bottle by you, and as you sip, top up the glass with more ice (absolutely essential in a tropical location such as a waterfront cafe in Dili) and add a tip more cachaça to retain an appropriate balance.

Step 6: When the drink becomes bitter, or your fall off the chair, get a fresh glass with a fresh lime and return to step 1 (but this time you probably won’t both to wash the bloody peach or even both about rhyme becosh you totally trush power alcohol kill bacteria, ‘n’ you damn right and furth-furv-fur-moor, bit more attention thish vital fack probly shave worl ev’n 'PROVE bruddy shervish in fish plaish and … LOOK OUT YOUSH BRUDDY BRUDDY IJUSH, NOCK OVER BOSHLE … GRE SHERVISH THISH FISH … HAHAHAHA PUNS DJA GEDDI???


Check EMESH Shite, hav unshtorrer.

Cheers, Geoff

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